Ride your block with The Aftershock – Tidy’s Tour 2020

Tidy’s Tour is back again but a somewhat different version! Doesn’t matter where you are, you can join in for Tidy’s Tour in 2020.

Instead of riding from Perth to Melbourne or Ballarat to Melbourne we are asking you to Ride Your Block with The Aftershock!

2020 has presented many challenges and we are adapting to new ‘normals’ each day.

One of those new normals is this year’s Tidy’s Tour. This year we are asking for riders to set out individually or in a small group (government approved, of course) and tackle some of their favourite local loops.

The Aftershock, established in October 2017, is a NFP organisation raising funds and awareness for high mortality rate cancers, which aims to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of high mortality rate cancers.

All funds raised will be going straight to where they are needed: high mortality rate cancer research.

Each rider can ride either 30km, 60km, 90km or 120km. There will be a Strava Club that you can join and log your ride.

Additionally, we are asking for each ride to raise $200 each from friends, families, colleagues etc.

If you log one of the required distances on The Aftershock Strava Club and raise at least $200 you will go into the draw to win a range of prizes.

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