Jarrod Reid + OCGA

We are delighted to announce our friend, Jarrod Reid, will be taking to the field for Old Carey football in purple footy boots, with an aim to raise awareness and some much needed funds for The Aftershock. Jarrod had this to say about the partnership:

“Cancer can affect anyone and everyone. The type of cancer diagnosed will dictate the course of action and treatment, and ultimately can impact the levels of treatment success. Currently, some types have more research, resources and funding than others. The Aftershock is a relatively new charity doing great things, and aims to raise funds and awareness for high mortality rate cancers, that don’t have the same level of funding or research of others.

There will be more details to come of how to follow and support me and the organisation throughout the season. This is such a small thing for me to do to try and help all of those that have to go through a cancer experience, from those diagnosed to the loved ones that support them everyday.”